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(Corner of Bourke Street next to the Police Station)

9/162 Cathederal Street, Woolloomooloo, NSW, 2011

Woolloomooloo Pharmacy Cathedral Street Woolloomooloo Police Station Dr Foo

9/162 Cathedral Street, Woolloomooloo, NSW,  2011

Our History

Woolloomooloo Pharmacy was previously owned by Gloria who opened the store at it's previous location (2 doors east in the original terrace houses) in 1984.  Joe took ownership of the store in 2004.  Before buying Woolloomooloo Pharmacy, Joe has owned many different pharmacies of different sizes and locations and feels that Woolloomooloo Pharmacy is the ideal size.  

Joe and Tony are partners in the ownership of Woolloomooloo Pharmacy with Tony joining the team in 2010.  Tony has bought with him his wealth of knowledge and passion for health care and providing the best health outcomes for his patients.



 Owner / Pharmacist


Owner / Pharmacist






Our Staff

About Us

Woolloomooloo Pharmacy has been proudly serving the Woolloomooloo community for over 20 years.  Our professionally trained pharmacists are on hand 6 days a week to be there when you need them the most.  

Our pharmacists have over 100 years of pharmacy experience between them.  This means that if you have a health condition that needs fixing the team at Woolloomooloo Pharmacy are the only experts to see.  

The pharmacist team are not only passionate about healthcare but they care about helping you and your family achieve the best possible health outcomes.  Come in and speak to our friendly team today.


Pharmacist 3



Pharmacist 2

Owner / Pharmacist Manager

Pharmacist 1

Special Services

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Our pharmacists are ready for you to contact us for all your healthcare needs.  Contact us today for all enquiries.

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Corner of Bourke Street, next to the Police Station

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9/162 Cathedral Street, Woolloomooloo, NSW, 2011

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