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(Corner of Bourke Street next to the Police Station)

9/162 Cathederal Street, Woolloomooloo, NSW, 2011

Woolloomooloo Pharmacy Cathedral Street Woolloomooloo Police Station Dr Foo

9/162 Cathedral Street, Woolloomooloo, NSW,  2011

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Flu Vaccines are now available!

 Moderna vaccines available for patients aged 12+ years only for your first & second doses as well as 3rd dose (immunocompromised patients) and boosters.

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COVID-19 Vaccination

Woolloomooloo Pharmacy in conjunction with Brad Butt from Men's Health Downunder are now offering Men's Health Programs in store

Welcome to Woolloomooloo Pharmacy

Your local medication experts!

Welcome to Woolloomooloo Pharmacy

Your local medication experts!

Woolloomooloo Pharmacy Health Services Specialists Chemist Trading Hours Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Woolloomooloo Pharmacy has been proudly serving the Woolloomooloo and surrounding suburbs for over 45 years. We are a proudly independent community focused pharmacy that offers professional services and advice at great value prices.  

We also have a state of the art dispensing robot on site to ensure your prescriptions are dispensed carefully, accurately and efficiently!

You always speak with a pharmacist at Woolloomooloo Pharmacy.  We have a private consultation room where you can discuss any health or sensitive medicines concerns with our pharmacists.

Along with dispensing your prescriptions we specialise in Weekly Medicines Packs (Dose Administration Aids), Opioid Substitution Program and assisting with the Closing the Gap Program.

At Woolloomooloo Pharmacy we stock a varied range of pharmacy products. Our ranges include over the counter medicines, first aid, skin care, sun care, body tools and vitamins products.

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8.30am - 6.00pm

8.30am - 6.00pm

8.30am - 6.00pm

8.30am - 6.00pm
8.30am - 6.00pm
8.30am - 12.30pm




Sunday & Public Holidays

Welcome to Woolloomooloo Pharmacy!

Woolloomooloo Pharmacy PrEP HIV Hepatitis C Privacy Consultation Discreet Service
Woolloomooloo Pharmacy Methadone Program Opioids Replacement Near Me
Woolloomooloo Pharmacy Weekly Medicines Packs Dose Administration Aids Websterpacks

Sensitive Medication Privacy

Woolloomooloo Pharmacy offers a wide range of sensitive medicines.
This includes PrEP, HIV and Hepatitis C medicines.

We also offer a discreet private consultation area where you can discuss these medicines with our pharmacists with complete privacy. 

Pharmacotherapy (Opioid Substitution)

Are you looking for a ‘methadone clinic near you’? If you’re on the road to recovery - we're here to help you. We offer services such as the opioid replacement therapy service which includes oral liquid and oral film options. We work closely with your medical practitioner and offer a discreet, compassionate service.

Weekly Medicines Packs (Dose Administration Aid)

If you or a loved one are taking multiple medicines - we can help. A 'Dose Administration Aid' organises all of your weekly medication doses into one pack. It organises your doses for each day and time of day and takes the stress out of taking your medicines.

Woolloomooloo Pharmacy Health Services Specialists Chemist myPharmacyLink App Scripts on file reodering
Woolloomooloo Pharmacy myPharmacyLink APP Fast Dispensing Scripts on file

Do you want a convenient monthly reminder before your medicines have run out?  Or perhaps you'd like to find out how many repeats you have left? 

With the MyPharmacyLink app and Woolloomooloo Pharmacy - convenient medicines management is a breeze! Click on the mobile phones to the right to see how it works.

Talk to your pharmacist at Woolloomooloo Pharmacy today about getting it set up for you.  Download on your phone via the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store buttons.  

Manage your scripts with Woolloomooloo Pharmacy on your mobile phone!

Woolloomooloo Pharmacy Health Services Specialists Chemist mypharmacylink App Scripts on File Reordering
Wooolloomooloo Pharmacy Chemist Sydney Prescriptions Medications Medicines

We are a PBS prescription dispensing pharmacy. Our professional pharmacists will dispense your scripts carefully and accurately. This attention to detail has lead to our outstanding reputation in the Woolloomoolo community.  We take care of patients from near and far including Woolloomooloo, Elizabeth Bay, Darlinghurst, The Rocks, Millers Point and Barangaroo. We dispense PBS prescriptions, Concession prescriptions, Entitlement Card prescriptions, Repatriation/Repat/DVA prescriptions, all repeat prescriptions and Schedule 3 medicines.

Prescriptions and Medicines

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We are here to maintain the health and well-being of you!

We are very proud of our team at Woolloomooloo Pharmacy. We treat our customers like family and go the extra mile to give personal service. We have been pharmacists for over 100 years combined and have a passion for helping people. 

All of our staff share our values and know that being trusted, reliable and down to earth will mean success for us all. We invite you to experience the Woolloomooloo Pharmacy difference! 

See you in store soon!

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9/162 Cathedral Street, Woolloomooloo, NSW, 2011

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