This word literally means ‘no memory’, but for medical purposes it is used to mean a temporary loss of memory.

What to look for

Symptoms for Amnesia include the following:-

*  confusion,

*  inability to recall current location

*  do not know who familiar people are


*  a severe hit to the head area can cause post-traumatic amnesia. This type of blow is called ‘concussion’ and the characteristic of this is that the person cannot recall the actual impact to the head. They will however, usually recover and be able to recall the events leading up to the event and after.

*  physical illnesses can stop recall of memories

*  sudden emotional shock or terrible stress

Traditional Treatment

*  Rest

*  A mild sedative

*  Usually treatment of a person with amnesia is difficult.

*  Counseling or psychiatric assessment is needed

Alternative/Natural Treatment

*  Herbal Therapies – Choline (member of B Group of Vitamins), Lecithin and Ginkgo biloba.

*  Aromatherapy – Rosemary oil rubbed on the temples

Dietary Considerations

It is advisable to seek professional medical help… However any foods which are high in the B Vitamins, Magnesium,Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Yeast, Kelp, Evening Primrose Oil.

When to seek further professional advice

If the person seems disoriented and confused or mentions an inability to recall past events, or look they may be in danger it is advisable that they seek medical advice.


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